Building Capability

Advanced Dynamics works with leaders to build their own capability and that of their organisations - capability to excel, to learn and to adapt.

Capability is the pre-requisite for performance.  We help leaders tackle performance challenges by building capability - whether it be organisational capability, process capability or human capability.  This delivers results that go far beyond immediate solutions to urgent problems, to establish the solid base for dealing with future challenges.

There are three key elements in our approach to building capability:

  • Systems Thinking - Holistic and Coherent

  • Advanced Dynamics’ approaches organisational systems as a whole, rather than attempting to deal with any part of them in isolation.  We do this by using systems thinking techniques to discover and work on the underlying dynamics of problems – a process of synthesis rather than analysis. This makes it possible to build integrated, consistent underlying principles that can be extended across the entire organisation, applying to areas as diverse as structure, leadership, processes and human resource management.

    • Collaboration and Learning

  • Advanced Dynamics does not try to fit ready-made solutions to organisational problems.  Every situation is different and opportunities for systemic improvement have to be identified on a case by case basis.  Wherever possible, we work on the real-life issues facing organisations and their people, creating relevant "learning through doing". Learning and tangible outputs from change build the ongoing capability of the organisation to improve.

    • Our People

  • Advanced Dynamics' people are unified by their commitment to improving the performance of complex organisational systems in a sustainable way. Our team has a wealth of diverse experience and qualifications. We believe that it only takes a few committed people, appropriately engaged, to create far-reaching change.

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